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Get Festive with Some of the Best Pumpkin Beer Around

Posted by Collin McGorty on Oct 5, 2016 3:00:00 PM


As summer transitions into autumn, there comes a whole new batch of seasonal ales made at some of Long Island’s incredible local breweries. One of the most popular seasonal beers for this time of year is pumpkin ale. Set aside the pumpkin spice lattes and taste some of the best pumpkin beer available this fall.

The Definitive List of the Best Pumpkin Beer

Long Ireland Beer Company’s Pumpkin Ale

Since 2009, Long Ireland Beer Company has operated as one of the area’s premier micro-breweries. Among their wide selection of year-round, seasonal and brewer’s reserve ales, their pumpkin ale stands out as a fan-favorite.

At 5% A.B.V., you can enjoy the strong pumpkin and spice aromas that are evened out with smokey caramel malts. While it’s available in ½ and 1/6 kegs as well as six packs, it’s definitely worth the trip out to Riverhead to get the full tasting room experience. 

Blue Point Brewing’s Pumpkin Ale

From late-summer to fall, Blue Point Brewing, one of the country’s fastest growing, most popular breweries, crafts their signature pumpkin ale. This golden-orange colored draft is the essence of autumn and all the smells and tastes that go along with it.


With just a sip of this 5.5% A.B.V ale, you are introduced to a bevy of flavors and sensations. The beer is characterized as a little bitter, with a malty backbone and spicy undertones. You’ll be drinking this one all season long.

Crooked Ladder Brewing Company’s ‘Outta My Vine’

Head out to Crooked Ladder Brewing Company’s tasting room and get a pour of their fantastic pumpkin ale, ‘Outta My Vine’. This medium-bodied seasonal ale turns in an A.B.V. of 5.7%, making it one of the area’s strongest pumpkin ales. Brewed with hints of cinnamon and fresh ginger, this beer is roasted, sweet and medium brown. One sip of Outta My Vine will have you hooked for life.


Fire Island Beer Company’s Pumpkin ‘Barrel’ Ale

Known as primarily a summer-oriented beer brand due to its seasonal location, Fire Island Beer Company makes one heck of a pumpkin ale. From September to November, their Pumpkin ‘Barrel’ Ale (4.8% A.B.V.) is available to beer fans everywhere. With an array of spices perfectly blended in balance with one another, you can also detect some tones of caramel along with a hearty pumpkin taste. The Pumpkin Barrel Ale is the perfect brew to warm up to this season.

Brooklyn Brewery’s ‘Post Road’ Pumpkin Ale

Brooklyn Brewery, one of the country’s best breweries, is back at it again with this untouchable seasonal ale. This time, it’s their ‘Post Road’ Pumpkin Ale (5.0% A.B.V.) which is brewed with special ingredients like caramel, nutmeg and Dickinson pumpkins. This seasonal brew is crafted after the natural ingredients and tastes that early American colonists put into their beers. They certainly hit the nail on the head with this one. You’ll be wishing it was available all year round.


What are some of your favorite pumpkin beers?

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