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Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Mom

Posted by Marissa on Apr 30, 2015 6:14:00 AM

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

While it may seem early, Mother’s Day is right around the corner! May 10 marks the special day for all the amazing moms out there who provide the support everyone needed to grow into the individuals they are. So make sure this year your mom gets a gift that gives her ease and independence. Over the years, Ollie’s Taxi & Airport Service has thought of Mother’s Day gift ideas that really show mothers how much their kids care. So we came up with special gift certificates just for them.

Whether your mom is looking for a night out on the town or is a senior citizen, she can benefit greatly from an Ollie’s Mother’s Day gift certificate.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Ollie’s Mother’s Day gift certificates create a practical and valued gift for your mother. Add it to a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates or present it on its own.

As your mother ages, driving might not be her favorite thing to do. Long Island is a busy and congested area to drive, especially during certain hours of the day. She might rely on others to provide transportation for her, which lessens her independence.

Give your mother her independence back this Mother’s Day. Whether she’s meeting a friend for lunch, going to a doctor’s appointment or traveling to the salon, make sure she does not feel as if she is holding anyone back. While I’m sure you don’t mind providing transportation for your mother, she might feel a little dependent. Growing up, you’ve looked up to your mother as a capable and strong woman. With our Mother’s Day gift ideas, remind your mother that she still is.

Ollie’s Taxi & Airport Service can provide safe and reliable transportation for your deserving mother. If she needs to run to the grocery store or the mall, we are there for her.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Our Mother’s Day gift certificates work like cash, so there’s no need for a prior explanation and approval before requesting a ride. Gift certificates can be purchased in any denomination and for this holiday, Ollie’s is offering an added bonus. With a purchase of a $50 gift certificate, you’ll receive $5 free; a $75 gift certificate, you’ll receive $10 free; and a $100 gift certificate, you’ll receive $20 free.

Get your mom the gift she deserves this holiday with our Mother’s Day gift ideas. To order our gift certificates, please call us at (516)326-9090 or purchase them online.

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