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Super Bowl Party Tips

Posted by Marissa on Jan 21, 2015 5:46:00 AM

Super Bowl Party Tips

The most exciting day in football is quickly approaching and we want to help you enjoy every second of it. It’s the New England Patriots versus the Seattle Seahawks and a Halftime Show with Katy Perry. So, you want to have a party just as great as the game and performance. Think of it as if you’re competing with the two teams and Katy Perry’s Halftime Show. You want to have just as much excitement without all the sweat and glitter. Ollie’s Taxi & Airport Service has all the Super Bowl Party tips you need to impress your guests this year!

Make sure you have all the essentials so you’re not running to attend to burnt mini hot dogs in the middle of a play.


While you won’t be at the actual Super Bowl, it’s fun to make it feel like you are. So make sure you liven up the party with things to do. Have some footballs on hand if anyone is inclined to go outside and run a few drills. If you’re feeling crafty, decorate the house with football themed creations. You can make coasters out of Astroturf or have yellow napkins that guests can throw down when they think there should be a flag on the play.

If your house is small, try to move as much furniture as you can to supply ample room for cheering. Also, there should be enough seating for everyone. Folding chairs should work fine.

The MVP of Super Bowl Party tips is to have the ultimate viewing experience. You and your guests definitely don’t want to crowd around a small TV. So have the biggest TV in your house as the main screen. Whatever room your guests might be hanging out in, have a TV in it. That means take the TVs out of the kids’ bedrooms, after all you’re the one who bought them.


Beer and drinks are a definite must, so make sure you are well-stocked. Guests will also bring their drink preferences too. One of the lynchpin Super Bowl Party Tips is to keep a cooler on hand. You don’t want to be cramming everything in your fridge. Also, it helps to have a specified recycling bin or garbage can for guest to throw away their drinks. Plus, it’s an easy clean up.


Stock up on food. Having a lot of appetizers and ordering a couple pizza pies can make up for serious meals and that means you don’t have to cook during the game. Chips and dips are always great! Order wings from a local bar and fill up on precooked appetizers so you can just pop them in the oven. Or get creative and have a potato bar. Make some thick cut French fries and add tons of toppings for guests to choose from. Have salsa, sour cream, bacon bits, chopped onions, jalapeños, guacamole or whatever you want! If you’re still stuck on food ideas to impress your guests, check out some recipes from Delish that are created just for Super Bowl parties.

Make sure your prepare everything in advance to relieve any stress of hosting a Super Bowl party. Ollie’s Taxi & Airport Services’ Super Bowl Party tips is sure to make this game the best one yet, even if you don’t like the teams playing! If you or your guests need a ride call us at a location that’s closest to you.

Photo Credit: Sahil Khan

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