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Your Guide to Great NYC Broadway Shows

Posted by Marissa on Aug 25, 2015 7:19:00 AM

Broadway Shows

With back to school and fall around the corner, it’s time to get out of the summer cycle. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit around and wait for next summer. Keep busy with entertaining NYC Broadway shows! A trip to the city isn’t far and the talent and story telling that lives on Broadway will have you inspired! Ollie’s Taxi & Airport Service has your guide to Broadway shows you can’t miss.

Broadway Shows for Everyone

Like going to a movie theater, choose a play you’re interested in. Whether it be a comedy, musical or drama, find the show that’s right for you.

Classic Broadway Shows

Not really familiar with Broadway or never been? See a classic, then!


Broadway Shows The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera is the longest-running play on Broadway. It opened in January of 1988 and is still on Broadway. The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical tells the story of a young singer in Paris who becomes the love obsession of the Phantom.


For a more upbeat satirical show, check out Chicago. The play began in 1975 and lasted two years before closing. However, it is now considered one of the best revivals on Broadway. Set during the prohibition, Chicago brings the corrupt justice system and the musical age of jazz and dance to light.

Kid-Friendly Broadway

Who says kids can’t enjoy a great Broadway show? There’s plenty of children’s favorites that are sure to amaze the whole family.

The Lion King

The Disney classic is also another long-running play. The colors, costumes, design and choreography combine to form a spectacular event.


Roald Dahl’s novel is turned into a musical featuring an amazing girl with magic powers, a teacher who believes in her, an evil principal and of course, Bruce, the cake-eating classmate.


Broadway Shows Aladdin The Musical



Another Disney classic has taken the Broadway stage and is winning over the hearts of Broadway fans everywhere, including songs that were cut from the movie. The play wouldn’t be complete without the show-stealing Genie.

Popular Plays

The Book of Mormon

This Broadway show is a fan favorite! Two missionaries travel to Uganda in the hope of converting Africans to Mormonism and face some harsh realities told in a comedic display.


Broadway Shows Wicked


This play tells the untold and true story of the witches from The Wizard of Oz. Wicked takes you through the fantastical journey of friendship and what Oz was like before Dorothy.

Kinky Boots

When a man takes over a failing shoe factory for his father he finds help in a drag queen in need of great shoes. The two help each other in one of the most entertaining and fun plays on Broadway.

Celebrities on Stage

There’s plenty of talent on Broadway already, but here are some familiar names you might be interested in seeing:

James Earl Jones and Cicely Tyson in The Gin Game
Keira Knightley in Thérèse Raquin
George Takei in Allegiance
Bruce Willis and Laurie Metcalf in Stephen King’s Misery
Jennifer Hudson in the revival of The Color Purple

Book your next Broadway show now and enjoy the some of the best plays in the world! Ollie’s Taxi & Airport will be happy to get you there!

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