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Simplify your Life with these 9 Easy Living Products

Posted by Nick on Feb 23, 2016 9:00:00 PM

The 21st-century is an age in which convenience is cherished: you can use your smartphone to shop from your couch and cars can even drive themselves. If you’re interested in more easy living products, you’ll love this list.

Easy Living Products

Sticky Smartphone Case

Above we mentioned the convenience of shopping with a smartphone. Your smartphone is already one of your best easy living products, but why not make it even simpler to use? If you have an iPhone, check out this case that sticks to just about any flat surface. This Spiderman-like phone protector is perfect for hands-free phone calls and sticking to GPS bases.


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Can Storage Rack

If you’ve got a kitchen cabinet full of cans, you know how quickly it can get messy. Instead of digging through the pantry for chicken broth every time you’re making soup, invest in this can storage rack and keep your cabinet clean.

easy living products

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Microwave Safe Bowl

Sometimes, you’re so hungry that your stomach overrides your brain and causes you to grab a bowl straight out of the microwave without letting it cool. With this microwavable bowl that is safe to the touch, never again will your appetite burn you.


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Crock-Pot to Go

Tired of cold-cut sandwiches and lunchtime trips to the fast-food place across the street? Bring a home-cooked meal to work and keep it warm with this miniature, portable Crock-Pot.

easy living products

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The Master Outlet

This outlet hub looks like a regular outlet—but it’s not. Push a button and it opens up, revealing two more outlets. It’s easy to install and fits standard electrical boxes.

easy living products

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Sand-Free Beach Bag

Long Islanders are surrounded by beaches, so they’re no strangers to sand and how pesky it can be. Instead of bringing half the beach home with you, check out this sand-free beach bag. It’s fitted with a mesh bottom so sand drains out when you pick it up.

easy living products

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The Multi-Faceted Frying Pan

One of the best easy living products available is the multi-sectional skillet. Why? Because people often find themselves without enough time to make a balanced breakfast. With this frying pan, you can make five different foods at the same time. Eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage and hash browns—that’s a complete breakfast. Of course, it’s not limited to early morning meals. Put your imagination to use and use the skillet to make whatever you want.

easy living products

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Self-Heating Butter Knife

A cold stick of butter is tough to cut through, and it’s nearly impossible to spread onto bread or a bagel. With this self-heating butter knife, your days of uneven spreads and wrist stress will come to an end.


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Wireless Headphones

Wired headphones seem to have a mind of their own. No matter how hard you try to keep the wires from twisting, it always seems that you have to untangle thousands of knots when you’re ready to use them. Though they can be on the pricey side, wireless headphones eliminate hassle and deliver great sound quality to the listener. Not to mention, they also make awesome travel accessories.

easy living products

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