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Ollie's List of Summer Workout Plans

Posted by Nick on Aug 11, 2015 8:30:00 AM

Summer Workout Plans

Weight loss is not the only benefit of physical fitness. A healthy body is often the key to a sound mind, too. Try out these summer workout plans to shape up physically and mentally!

Ollie’s Summer Workout Plans

Running on the Beach

The summer is the perfect time to hit the beach. Running on the beach will not only provide you with a great workout, but a view as well. Whether you’re looking to try out wet sand or soft sand running, you’ll burn plenty of calories in the process. If you’re not in running shape just yet, a brisk walk along the shore is also a great idea.


An average weight person can burn over 200 calories by swimming at a moderate pace for just a half hour. There are plenty of different swimming strokes to master. Whether you like to swim in a pool, the ocean or a lake, swimming is the perfect exercise to incorporate into your summer workout plans.


A bike ride in the warm summer evening air during the sunset can be extremely peaceful. You don’t need to be riding at a blazing Lance Armstrong speed to burn calories on a bike. A one-hour ride around your neighborhood at 12 mph, which is considered to be a moderate pace, burns upwards of 650 calories.

summer workout plans


The average person will burn over 300 calories an hour kayaking. Peaceful trips through a slow-moving river or more challenging rides in the wavy ocean can both provide for excellent workouts. Add kayaking into your summer workout plans and you just might find a new favorite hobby.


Tennis is a fun and competitive way to get in shape. Running back and forth on the court will doubtlessly help you burn plenty of calories. If you’re not a skilled player already, there are lessons available to get you on track to become the next Andre Agassi.


Hiking during the summer will make you familiar with some great scenery around where you live. A hike through the rugged wood is much more exciting than being stuck inside on a treadmill. It’s also a much better workout, since you’ll be out in the sun and climbing up and down hills.

Whether you’re into aquatic exercises, sports or hiking for a woodland workout, the summertime is as good a time as any to add to your workout plans. If you need a ride to the gym or your tennis lesson, Ollie’s is here. Call us at a location near you or make a reservation online.

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