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The Best Ice Cream Shops for Any kind of Scoop or Sundae

Posted by Lawrence Blessinger on Jul 25, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Ice Cream Feature

Ice cream is a staple in the summer. Especially with all of the new flavors ice cream shops are testing out, it’s almost impossible to say no to either a cone or scoop. Whether it be chocolate, vanilla, or rocky road, the options are endless! That is why we have provided the best places you need to try this summer to satisfy that sweet tooth.

3 Best Ice Cream Shops to Get a Scoop of Ice Cream

Hildebrandts Photo


As seen on the Food Network, this is one of the best ice cream shops you’ll find on Long Island. It first opened up in the late 1920s and has successfully kept the same business plan since. Hildebrandt’s goal is to serve delicious classic ice cream and give you the perfect place to sit down and enjoy a great scoop or cone. Once you step into the restaurant, you are transported back in time to the 1920s, where they not only serve ice cream but you can settle down and enjoy dinner as well. It is the perfect spot to relax at while enjoying your ice cream. 

Bar a Dessert

Bar a Dessert

Spice up the way you eat ice cream at this fun parlor. Instead of being served as a scoop, this ice cream comes in a roll, which you get to watch the servers roll up. If you add any toppings you can watch them roll those into the ice cream as well. Bar a Dessert has a wide range of flavors, from vanilla to crazier creations, such as Matcha Green which includes green tea ice cream, blueberry, coconut flakes, and mint. Located in Patchogue, this is a great treat for everyone who visits.

Marvel Ice Cream

Marvel Ice Cream

With some of the best soft serve ice cream on Long island, this simple window shack definitely needs to be checked out. The menu isn’t too vast, only serving vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, strawberry, and their signature, coffee, but every flavor will be exactly what you’re looking for. Located in Lido Beach, just a few minutes from the Long Beach boardwalk, this ice cream shop is a great stop right before or right after you hit the beach.

You won’t want to miss out on trying these great ice cream shops. Whether you are looking for new and fun ice cream, old and classic or a quick stop on the way to the beach, these choices should be at the top of your list this summer.

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