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Surf, Swim and Unwind at The Best Long Island Beaches

Posted by Lawrence Blessinger on Jul 11, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean, in Seal Beach, California.

Nothings better than when the weather starts to get warmer and days can now be spent outdoors. There’s no better place to spend your days than at one of the many Long Island beaches. With the island being completely surrounded by water, it's known for having the best beach options, which people of all ages, can find enjoyment at. Whether you just want relax or you want to experience the water, we have a list of the best beaches for you to checkout.

The Best Long Island Beaches to Visit

Long Beach

1. Long Beach

The three-mile-long ocean line and beautiful two-mile-long boardwalk makes Long Beach the perfect place for surfing, surf lessons, relaxing in the sand or walking along the boardwalk. It also has a whole strip of restaurants and bars, so you can enjoy a day in the sun and then grab something to eat after. Check out their official calendar with multiple events happening each week during the summer. Long Beach truly is one of the best Long Island beaches to visit.

Ocean Beach

2. Ocean Beach, Fire Island

Fire Island is not only car free, so there’s no noise or pollution, but Ocean Beach specifically, is also radio and frisbee free. These aspects really add to the beach’s tranquility. The warm ocean current at this beach creates inviting temperatures, all the way from early summer to mid fall, which are great for the various water activities there, such as swimming, fishing, surfing, boating or wind surfing. For when you’re hungry, Fire Island has multiple dining options all over the island for you to try.

Robert Moses

3. Robert Moses State Park

Consisting of five beautiful miles of shore line and four different fields, with life guards at all of them, those who visit Robert Moses beach, can lay in the sun or play in the water. Every field has all of the amenities that you could need, between the concessions, first aid, beach shops, and comfort stations, you’ll be all set for an entire day in the sun. This is the perfect beach for families, because of the fun playground, boardwalk and nature walk that leads to Fire Island’s lighthouse, pitch and putt golf course and all of the places that you could go to set up a picnic with your family. Parking is only $10 or you could reach the beach via the Babylon LIRR station with a bus connection.

People that live on Long Island are lucky to be surrounded by such an abundance of beautiful beaches that they can visit all summer long. With scenic views and amenities everyone will relish and love, Long Island beaches really give you an exceptional place to spend your day.  

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