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The Best Stores to Checkout for the Biggest Black Friday Deals

Posted by Caroline Fallon on Nov 7, 2019 10:06:54 AM

Black Friday Sales

With the holidays officially in full swing, it’s time to start making your holiday gift list. There’s no better day to stock up on presents than Black Friday. With every store competing with each other to have the better deal, it’s a no brainer to save all of your shopping for Black Friday deals. Check out our list of some of the best stores to keep an eye out for this 2019.

The Best Black Friday Deals


1.      Walmart

Walmart is trying to stay on top this year by being the first company to release their deals and have them go live. With their first deals starting as early as October, it’s a no brainer to give this company a thorough browsing. At Walmart they have deals on the newest electronics such as the Apple iPhone 11 and even the Microsoft Xbox. Walmart is stepping up their game this year by providing customers with possibly the best of class deals. 


2.      Target

Not only is Target offering great deals, but they are also offering shipping on all products, even things those that don’t usually qualify for it. That makes Black Friday shopping that much easier when you don’t need to fight the crowds, and can shop from the comfort of your home.  Often times, Target will price match their competitors on Black Friday and then beat them all out on Cyber Monday, meaning they’ll continue having great deals even after the day is over. Whether you want Apple, Samsung or Sony products, Target is always a great option for you to check out.


3.      Costco

After a weak showing on previous Black Fridays, this year Costco is trying to take over. Not only do they have some of the best deals on the market, but their deals are already live. They have items ranging from Apple products to Samsung 65-inch televisions all for a great price. However, be mindful of their shipping, they have slower shipping than their rivals, and you must be a member of Costco in order to score these black Friday deals.    

Black Friday deals have become more common to see throughout the entire month of November than just on the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, with the average shopper spending over $500. This makes it that much more important for you to know where the best promotions are so you can save as much as possible and enjoy the holidays even more!

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