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Useful Halloween Safety Tips for Every Family

Posted by Collin McGorty on Oct 26, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Halloween safety tips

On October 31, towns all across Long Island will be bustling with trick-or-treaters and everybody celebrating Halloween. With so many people out-and-about, you have to practice a little extra precaution to keep your kids safe and secure. To ensure your family has a happy and carefree holiday, use some of these trusted Halloween safety tips.

Halloween Safety Tips to Keep in Mind  

Getting into Costume

Wearing a costume is one of the most important parts of celebrating Halloween. When choosing any costume for your children, there’s a few things you’re going to want to make sure of first.

Anything that your child wears on Halloween (wigs, accessories, etc.) should be clearly marked as flame-resistant. It should go without saying, but always have your child try on a costume before you buy it. With all of the walking they’re going to be doing, it’s important to get the right size to prevent any trips or falls.

Halloween safety tips

Anytime you can substitute non-toxic makeup or face paint for a mask, do so. Masks can obstruct your child’s eyesight. If you can, equip your child’s costume with reflective tape or make sure it’s brightly colored to increase their visibility.

Preparing your Home

When it comes to jack-o-lanterns, have your child draw the face, and then do all the cutting yourself. Instead of a candle, try using a flashlight, glow stick or battery-operated candle to light it up. If you choose to use a candle, the pumpkin should always rest on a sturdy table or flat surface away from curtains or anything else that can potentially catch fire.

Before any trick-or-treaters stop by, clear your porch and lawn of any obstructions so that no one falls. Check any outdoor lights and replace them as needed. Make sure that your pet is properly restrained, too.

Halloween safety tips

Choose the candy you’re giving to trick-or-treaters wisely. Peanut M&M’s might be your favorite, but there are plenty of children that have severe nut allergies. You don’t want to alienate anyone or, worse, make them sick.


Anywhere your children go on Halloween, it is absolutely essential that they’re accompanied by a parent or trusted adult. If you have older children heading out alone or with friends, find out what their plans are, know where they’ll be and set a curfew.

  • Always look out for cars before crossing the street and try to stay away from dimly-lit or unpopulated blocks.
  • If one of the homes on your route seems a little sketchy, skip it. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when just about every home has candy.

Halloween safety tips

When out on the trail, give your children’s candy a quick inspection to see that nothing is opened or appears tainted. Your kids might also be tempted to eat some of their treats along the way. Ration their candy so that they don’t get sick. There’s no better way to spoil Halloween than with a stomachache!

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